Control Your Lights Anywhere!

Lutron is the most reliable option to control your lights. Seamless integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Nest and more.

Control Your Lights Anywhere

Lutrons simple to use app allows control of your homes lights and HVAC from anywhere in the world.

Schedules Made Easy

It's easy to automate all your timers with Lutron.  Use these switches to control Christmas lights, aquariums, greenhouses, landscape lighting and more.  Or try turning your lights on fully dimmed in the morning when your alarm goes off.


Going away? Lutron has an easy to use away mode that can simulate your normal activities in the house while your gone.  Integrate with your Nest Secure Smoke Alarms and have Lutron turn on your lights if theres a fire.

Scene Controls

Install conveniently labeled scene switches anywhere in your house.  These switches allow control of many different lights in your house all at once for different activities

What system is right for you?


Up to 50 devices
Pico Zone Controls and Keypads

2500 Sq/Ft Coverage HVAC Control Easy To Use App

RA2 Select

Up to 100 Devices
Pico Zone Controls and Keypads and other options

5000Sq/Ft CoverageHVAC and Appliance ControlEasy To Use App

Radio RA2

Up to 200 Devices
Pico Zone Controls and Keypads and other options
7500Sq/Ft Coverage
HVAC and Appliance Control
Easy To Use App

Ask us about Lutron blinds

Lutron has a full complement of blinds to pair with your lighting control and completly automate your lighting control.

Add Music to your system

Sonos can be directly tied into your Lutron lighting controls to allow music to automatically start with the push of a button.


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